Shocking Tips About How to Become an Electrician

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To become an electrician, you need to jump through several hoops and put the hard work in to

eventually become a master electrician. The electrical field is a very rewarding trade however, if you

enjoy creating things and understanding how things work and run, then an electrical trade might be for



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How to Get Started on the Electrician Path


In most cases, in order to get started on your path to becoming an electrician you need to complete four

to five years of being a paid apprentice. Even before applying to be an apprentice however, it might

be a good idea to complete some courses at a technology trade program in order to help you better

stand-out when applying for an electrical apprentice position. It is very hard to get lucky enough to be

able to find an apprentice position like Palmer Electrical Contracting that actually pays for the books of

the apprentices working for them.

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Finishing Electrical Coursework


After you finish your coursework either while on or off the job, then you can start applying theoretical

classroom instruction with real-life situations. Most electrical apprenticeships require up to 150

classroom hours and an annual minimum of 2,000 hours spent on the job.


Most likely, apprenticeship duties will include menial tasks like holding tools or running for parts. It

makes the reward from achieving your journeyman’s license so much more appealing.

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Average Electricians Salary


An apprentice electrician is generally paid 40 to 50 percent of what a journeyman electrician gets paid

on an hourly basis. In 2015 the average wage for an apprentice was $13.37 per hour while the average

wage for a fully trained electrician was about $51,110. The highest paid wage for that year was $85,590.

The average wage for all electricians has risen about $2,000 a year since 2008 which shows that this

trade is growing and is very healthy.

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Pass the Electricians Exam


After successfully completing the electrical apprenticeship you will need to take the state examination

which would qualify you to become an electrical journeyman. licensing requirements vary by state

however, most states require a minimum of successfully taking the journeyman’s exam administered by

the state licensing board.


After achieving your electrical journeyman’s license then you have the option to continue to further

your classroom education and on-job training to upgrade your skills, title, and pay.


However, if you want to skip this entire process in order to figure out how to install a dimmer switch on

your dining room light then you can just give Palmer Electrical Contracting a call at 406-549-8501 for an estimate.

We look forward to talking with you!

5 thoughts on “Shocking Tips About How to Become an Electrician

  • My son has been thinking about what he wants to do with his life after high school and he has really been liking the idea of becoming an electrician. He likes that the salary is good and that it seems like a good stable job to have. However, I don’t think that he realizes that he would have to do become an apprentice before moving up to a journeyman’s license and become a full fledged electrician. Do you know whether or not it would be possible, though, for him to complete his 2,000 hours on the job in less than four or five years so that he can become licensed quicker?

    • Faylinn,

      To be a licensed electrician in Montana, the course is actually five years and 8,000 hours. Upon being accepted into the program, they would be enrolled into one of the local colleges that provides the training materials. They will receive their course work/book work that they are required to complete on their own time. The 8,000 hours is on the job training to where they will advance in pay based on the level of book work and hours they have completed. This is a state run program where he would have a state appointed sponsor that periodically checks in on his progress. Generally, he would have to be hired on with an electrical contractor before he can be accepted into the program. Contractors are limited on the number of apprentices they can have based on ratios determined by the state.

  • I had no idea that in order to become a certified electrician that it can take up to 150 hours in class and 2,000 hours on the job training. My son has been wanting to become an electrician for awhile now and we haven’t’ been sure about what would be needed in order for him to get to that point. I might have to start looking around for a class that he can take to get his certification, I just hope he’ll be okay with the 150 hours.

  • That’s interesting that an apprentice electrician is generally paid 40-50 percent of what a journeyman electrician get paid. I could imagine that when training for a position, keeping an eye out for electrical contractor job postings would be helpful, as well as standing out as an apprentice. The option to further classroom education after the electrician’s exam would also be something that would be helpful for future experience.

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