Top Electrical Inventions: The History of Electricians

top electrical invention

Being an electrician offers many shocking advantages. Not only is it a very rewarding trade but the field is constantly changing to keep up with new inventions and codes. If you look back 100 years, the thought of wiring electricity from a panel that got its power from the sun would have been unheard of. It seems amazing what will be possible to do with electricity in the near future.

lightning strike

Benjamin Franklin and the Theory of Electricity


Before electricity became a law it was a theory in 1752 and before that it was merely a 'phenomenon'. Everybody who passed the 2nd grade knows the story of Ben Franklin and his experiments with lightning and flying a kite in a lightning storm to prove it was conductible. You may not know however, that people at that time debated that electricity was a fluid and many scientists were electrocuted trying to replicate Ben Franklin's experiment. Benjamin Franklin was even able to charge a battery through his various experiments, I guess that makes him the first electrician.

electric dam

Electricity and Water


Generally these two things do not go together well at all but in actuality they go together like peanut butter and jelly. The first publicly available electricity was created in 1881 by connecting a DC generator to a water wheel at a flour mill which provided power for street lights in Niagara Falls, New York. Today, the same process is used with AC current, except for in huge hydroelectric dams that power whole cities, like how the Hoover Dam powers Las Vegas.  The DC generator was invented by Thomas Edison, probably the most famous electrician in history.


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Inspired by his deaf mother and wife, Alexander Graham Bell decided to utilize electricity in his hearing experiments, which as we all know, led to the creation of the Telegraph and eventually the extra appendage that many millennials seem to have. By manipulating sound waves into electrical currents, he created the 'telephone' in 1874.


The Couch Potatoes Idol


Electricity eventually led to the creation of the television in 1927. The inventor of it, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, actually lived without electricity for the first 14 years of his life. Regardless of your opinion on TV, we can at least all agree on the fact that he didn’t go with some of his other names for television at the time like, all-electronic image pickup device, the video camera tube, or the image dissector.

high voltage

Modern Conveniences


It seems crazy to imagine what life would be like without our modern conveniences like the refrigerator or the microwave or A/C. Up until a little more than 100 years ago though, people probably thought it was crazy to imagine life in the 21st century. Inventions like the refrigerator which were available to the public in 1911 and the microwave which was invented in 1946 would have seemed like science fiction.

It seems like new electrical inventions are coming out everyday. Unlike the year 1752 however, electricians are not in short supply. Make sure you get the right electrician for the job!

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